299. When You Have a Small Email List with Jess Miller of Bella Vida Candles


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There is a path to profit for each product entrepreneur. In this episode, we feature a success story from one of our students. We hope this episode inspires you and proves you can build and grow your business the way you want to.

Jess Miller was making candles as a hobby up until the pandemic. After investing in Multi-Stream Machine and nurturing her small but loyal following, she made $120,000 and still found the time to take six weeks off. She has created a six-figure B2C business model that syncs with her needs and used her intuition and imagination to create a brand experience that goes beyond just selling candles.

Tune in to hear how she maximizes profitability with a small email list and the creative ways she makes long-term connections to her audience.

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  • Website: bellavidacandles.com
  • Instagram: @bellavidacandles
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