Who says you can’t do both outbound sales and PLG? | Jim Norton, Chief Revenue Officer at Flowcode


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Should product-led companies still do cold outbound?

Many might be skeptical, but Flowcode is proving that it works.

Jim Norton, Flowcode's CRO, came onto the show to talk about how Flowcode runs both a popular self-service tool and a direct sales team in parallel.

Flowcode is an extremely popular QR-code creator used by both restaurants and huge enterprises like GoDaddy and Sotheby's.

The company has always had a strong sales DNA, and has managed a fine balancing act between being product-driven, and customer-focused through its outbound sales.

Check out this episode to hear about:

  1. Jim's take on Coinbase's QR code Superbowl ad
  2. Why it sometimes makes sense to have both direct sales and PLG under one roof, and how to know if that's right for your team
  3. What role Flowcode's self-serve product plays in relation to its large enterprise deals

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