105: Luci Dumas-The Four Agreements in Business


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This episode with Luci Dumas is Part One of a conversation about one of her favorite books called "The Four Agreements" with Don Miguel Ruiz. Though these agreements apply to all areas of life, we can use the wisdom in our businesses to be more successful and use the tools in business to be a better version of ourselves

The four agreements are:
1) Be impeccable with your word,
2) Don't take anything personally,
3) Don't make assumptions, and
4) Always do your best.

This episode goes deep into the first agreement. Our "word" is not just about being honest, though that does come into play. The power of intention is also our word...what we claim for ourselves and what we visualize. She shares 6 areas in our photography businesses that relation to using the power of our word, and words, to grow our success.

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