5 Cringe-y Email Marketing Mistakes & What to Do Instead (with Jules Dan)


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“What the hell do I write about in my e-mail marketing?”

That’s the topic that my (returning) podcast guest, Jules Dan, covers today.

It’s a broad topic, so let me explain.

Jules is an E-mail Copywriter and last time we spoke on the podcast about the power of storytelling for your sales message.

This time Jules gives you a complete breakdown of the strategy behind a high converting e-mail marketing series.

His idea for this podcast came about when he noticed 5 big e-mail marketing mistakes a lot of small business owners made in their e-mails after he opted-in to over 50 lists.

And today, Jules clears up those 5 big e-mail mistakes for you.

The best part is you’ll hear the e-mail secrets he uses in client projects to help you…

📞 Solve customer objections and book more appointments.

🗺️ Come up with a clear plan and strategy for your next e-mail series.

✉️ Get more response and better open rates (without better copy, catchy subject lines or new content).

This episode is perfect if you’re over cookie-cutter e-mail templates and want more clarity for your next e-mail marketing series.

I made sure Jules answered every question in detail.

That’s why you wouldn’t want to miss this episode.

Checkout more detailed information on the topic we discussed today https://julesdan.com/emailmistakes/

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