How He Did it — A Facebook Ads Success Story


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What if you could spend $65 on Facebook Ads to get $3000 of sales using a very simple method?

Well that’s exactly what Andrew (one of my YouTube subscribers) did! Absolutely nailed it!

After reading his email saying how he actually achieved a whopping 65x ROI - I couldn’t help but share his story to help you feel like there is hope if you’re just starting out.

Like Andrew, I got you covered!

Everything he did, all came from watching my videos and following instructions and tips.

You too can achieve the same results.

This amazing news is just too good to pass on, so I cleared my schedule and got him onto the podcast today.

So exactly how did he do it? Here’s a quick preview.

✅ How Andrew went from $15 per landing page view to $2 a purchase. The dead-simple Facebook ad tweak he made to generate a 10x ROI per customer.

✅ The first thing you need to do if nobody knows what your business does. Andrew was experiencing a high bounce rate until he made these changes to his website.

✅ The website ‘super testimonial’ that gives your social proof an edge over your competitors. If you want to bump up your conversion, then include this on your homepage to maximize your credibility.

Like Andrew, you too can make that change!

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