How to Make your Website Faster — 9 Quick Wins!


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Did you know that Google knows exactly how long it takes your site to load?

And they don’t like to show sites that they know are going to be a bad experience for their users - that definitely includes slow websites.

Imagine having a website that takes 5 seconds to load - frustrating right?

Truth is, you’ve actually lost about half of the people that you would have gotten on your website. Not a great stat!

Even worse, you don’t just lose the people that come to your website, but you also start to lose your google rankings.

That’s why it is so important to have a website that loads fast so people can interact with your content and see why they should be working with you.

Speed matters a lot. Here’s a sneak peek.

⚡️ I’ll tell you all about the 100% free website reporting site I use. If you’re freaking out about site speed, then I would always start here first.

⚡️ The most important numbers to look at when completing a website speed review. This 100% free reporting site can spit out an overwhelming amount of data. I’ll show you what you need to focus on first to get the best results.

⚡️ The exact plugin that sees between a 3-5X speed increase almost instantly. Simply download it and start seeing a boost in page speed.

⚡️ The one remarkably common website feature that’s notorious for slow websites. The best part is you can make this change in about 5 minutes.

Don’t let the tech get in the way of converting more customers on your website.

I demystify all the techy stuff and make it super easy for you to get a fast website up and running today.

Here are the links of the plugins mentioned in the podcasts.

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