The 2021 Digital Marketing Trends That I Love For Small Businesses


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Well, we made it through a month of 2020… Which means all those “best books” and “worst COVID trends” lists are finally fading into the distance.

But there’s one type of trend I ALWAYS pay attention to—

What’s changing in the world of digital marketing?

And the answer—this year at least—is “A LOT.”

Because although things often shift in the digital marketing world, the changes we went through last year are MUCH more dramatic than I’ve ever seen.

It makes sense, right? 2020 threw us all a TON of curveballs, and the digital marketing world is no exception.

So in this special episode, I’ll share all the newest digital marketing trends 2021 that have gained popularity this year—and pay special attention to what’s working particularly well in these strange times.

And when you listen, your choice—you’ll get a crystal-clear picture of the newest tactics and strategies you should be thinking about for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Reels—it’s all here in this episode, including a couple of surprising tips that may not even be on your radar yet.

Join me, and you’ll stay one step ahead of the digital marketing trends 2021—not to mention the competition.

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