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Welcome to Proper Mental episode 46!

My guest this week is Dr Brendon Stubbs!

Dr. Brendon Stubbs is a clinical-academic physiotherapist with an interest in physical activity & mental health.

He has published over 650 academic papers in several leading journals across multiple scientific fields and co-authored the first evidence-based book on the use of physical activity for the treatment of people with mental illness.

He has featured on Sky News, ITV, BBC and in The New York Times.

Brendon and I chat about the benefits of physical activity on mental health and mental illness and breakdown what exactly constitutes physical activity.

We look at why exercise is good for mental wellbeing and what is happening in the body when we move and why it makes us feel good.

This one is a deep dive and was an absolutely fascinating conversation to be a part of.

Physical activity is a key component of good mental health but it tends to get banded around and prescribed whether it’s appropriate or not. There is a lot of power in knowing ‘why’ something is good for us and how it works and that is what this conversation will give you!

You can connect with Brendon via social media @brendon.stubbs or the Kings College website Brendon Stubbs (kcl.ac.uk)

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