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Welcome to Proper Mental episode 44!

My Guest this week is Dr Mike the 2nd!

Dr Mike Banna is an NHS General Practitioner, trainer, speaker, writer and podcaster.

He is the mental health lead at his practice and regularly talks at various events about all thing’s mental wellbeing.

Mike is well known in the fitness industry and he uses his social media platform to explore all the different facets of health while busting a few myths along the way.

In this episode we talk about the importance of language in the mental health conversation, the fitness industry in general and the power in doing positive things, little and often, to improve your mental state.

We also chat about the difference between mental health and mental illness and the difficulties in knowing the difference and we chat about his work as an NHS G.P and the challenges that come with that.

Mike is a lovely man and this is a lovely conversation! I think it’s so important to have someone like Mike to guide me through these more complex chats and I can thank him enough for his time. I found this episode to be incredibly useful and I hope you will too!

You can connect with Dr Mike on Instagram @drmikethesecond and from there you can subscribe to his emails and check out all the other things he does. The podcast that he co-hosts, Fitness Unfiltered, is available everywhere.

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Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

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