C ratings for EPCs, Green Homes Grant plus more with Stuart Fairlie of Elmhurst Energy


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In this episode, Rob speaks to Stuart Fairlie who is the Technical and Operations Director at Elmhurst Energy. They discuss how the way the upcoming changes to the Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) system is likely to impact property portfolio owners and ordinary households.

The episode includes an explanation of how EPC ratings work and where the way energy is managed in properties is likely to go as the government works to make homes greener. It also includes numerous tips you can use to improve your energy rating.


  • The UK has the least energy-efficient buildings in Western Europe. Changing this is a key government goal.
  • You can get quite a hefty fine for not having an EPC.
  • If a property is rated F or G, in most cases, you will not be able to start a new tenancy. At least in England and Wales.
  • There are several legitimate ways to get around this issue, which are explained in the podcast.
  • In coming years, the government is likely to stop new tenancies for C and D-rated properties as well.
  • To get a better energy rating you always have to invest in the building.
  • Your energy assessor will tell you which improvements will give you the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Improving the fabric of the building e.g., upgrading the insulation is the key to a good rating.
  • Normally modern boilers and cylinders worth looking at changing.
  • The government will be using legislation to encourage ordinary homeowners to make their current homes more energy efficient.
  • Mortgage lenders are starting to be asked to consider environmental factors when lending.
  • New build energy efficiency legislation is due to be upgraded at the end of 2021 and come into full effect from June next year.
  • All countries in the UK have changes to the legislation planned.
  • When energy legislation is tightened there is normally funding available to help. Some of the sources for this are discussed in the podcast.


‘You're gonna have to start to invest in the property to get it to be to be more energy-efficient.’

‘All roads are leading to more energy-efficient buildings.’

‘We've been pushing recently that you should show all of the different metrics on the UPC because people are motivated by different things.’

‘For energy improvement, there´s always some form of funding there.’


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