How Climate Change Will Affect Your Portfolio


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In this episode, Rob briefly looks at what climate change is likely to mean for the property market. He has read the International Energy Agency´s (IEA) Net Zero by 2050 report and has spoken to several experts. He is now sharing his understanding of what is likely to happen. Rob talks through how switching from fossil to cleaner fuels will affect property owners.

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  • Being aware of what is going on with climate change is wise for all property owners.
  • How our homes are powered is going to be affected by climate change.
  • To reach the International Energy Agency´s (IEA) Net Zero by 2050 target, everyone has to do their part.
  • The use of fossil fuels will need to decrease dramatically.
  • In the UK, gas is the main form of fuel. The IEA proposals could mean that you will not be able to replace a gas boiler.
  • Clean electric is the way things are moving.
  • Air source heat pumps are one possibility, as are ground source heat pumps.
  • There are likely to be government schemes to help property owners to transition to other forms of energy.
  • Alternative energy for property will be discussed in-depth in future TPN podcasts, including interviews with experts.


‘In order to get to net zero carbon emissions by 2050, everyone needs to do their part.

‘Electricity is cleaner. Electricity is relatively straightforward to generate.’

‘Read the Net Zero by 2050 IEA report and have a think about how that could affect the property industry.



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