ASK317: Do I go ahead with this deal? PLUS: Is digital property the future?


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Welcome back to another episode of Ask Rob & Rob.

This week we’ve got two super interesting questions that the guys couldn’t wait to get into!

Kicking things off this week is Dragos.

Dragos has recently had an offer accepted on a 1-bed flat in a great part of Liverpool, but thanks to a couple of declining lenders, he’s recently discovered something that’s left him questioning if the deal is right for him.

The lenders revealed that the development mainly consists of investment units with a limited demand for owner occupation.

Would Rob & Rob go ahead with this deal? And what would they do or ask as a precaution?

Next up, we’ve got a question from Sal in London.

Sal has built himself a portfolio of property, but he’s looking to expand and diversify.

With the ongoing developments in technology and the recent spike in popularity for things like NFT’s and blockchains, should he be consider trying his hand at digital property?

Sal wants to know what Rob & Rob think about digital assets and whether they see the market developing.

Tune in to find out their thoughts!

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