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Matt is the founder of Results Hospitality and Westshore Hospitality Group, and the author of You Can’t Do It Alone, a new book about achieving more through building better teams.

There has been a lot of news about labor shortages in the hotel and restaurant industries as of late - and frankly a lot of blame as well. “Candidates don’t show up for interviews” or “HR ghosted me” or “They’re just chasing another dollar at the restaurant down the street” or “We don’t have a budget to do it” are common talking points today.

We try to address and get around these barriers in this episode, and the common theme that we keep coming back to is coaching and people development - but the conversation goes beyond the typical talking points you hear about taking care of your people. We try to come at it based on the current employment and business environment, what’s driving the unionization efforts today, and what some of the more innovative companies in hospitality are doing right now.

Matt shares great stories that drive the points home and he does a great job in outlining some of the steps that you can take today to make a difference in your organization.

About Matt

Matt Rolfe is a coach, speaker, bestselling author, and entrepreneur who mentors the top 10 percent of the hospitality industry in unlocking their true potential. With a primary focus on personal development, Matt enables high-performing leaders to build unified teams and effectively delegate responsibilities for maximum growth. He is the founder of Results Hospitality and Westshore Hospitality Group, where he has worked with hundreds of leadership teams throughout North America. Beginning his career with companies like Bacardi and Labatt/Anheuser-Busch, Matt is an industry expert dedicated to helping leaders examine the human element of their business and execute effective team-building strategies unique to their needs. Matt lives in Toronto with his wife Lindsay, their two children, and their golden retriever.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matt-rolfe/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matt_rolfe_ws/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ndFBo6DJomSo80xc2_WtA

Website: https://mattrolfe.com/


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