Episode 44 – The Best Worst Interview Questions... Ever!


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Link to the livestream of this episode: Facebook 00:00 Intro Song: Akiva by AИTISOUND. Introducing Noah Botty AKA Zack Wisemen, newest member of the Psyche Squad. Follow all of his endeavors here: Some Nobodies and check out two of his many podcasts: Talking Upstream, Silicon Angels. Golden moments from the Hot Pepper Monologues challenge of the IPU20 Summit are recollected. Link to livestream of this episode: Facebook a reverse interview on their own show! Tina calls it witchcraft. The questions begin and the crew admits to the shame of once recording on an iPhone 8 and thinking the quality was good.

2:45 Tina takes the game too seriously after she feels "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" vibes. Zack appears to enjoy describing sweaty weiners. He concludes that humans are only meant to consume a max of two weiners per year. Tina passes on a few daunting questions but the panel pushes on. Did Rob really interview Tina to be his girlfriend? The answer appears unclear. Mcdonalds' dollar biscuits get lumped into a philosophical discussion.

4:50 A typical football question gets asked and Rob realizes the questions aren't actually hard to answer. Tina demands tougher questions and after listening to the recording, can't tell if she came off rude or not. Someone sings Out of Love by Air Supply and Batman gets all the praise while Robin is disrespected with an expletive.

06:20 Zack turns up the heat on Rob and starts asking questions that catch him off guard. Rob "comes clean" about a drug reference, intending to edit it out later but says screw it. Should you feel embarrassed to have milk, cheese, or kimchi in your refrigerator?

08:16 Celebrity encounters are discussed, causing Rob's football references to tally at a whopping four already. Tina busts out her self-absorbed alter-ego while outshining Rob with her Kanye, Rihanna, and Chris Brown stories.

10:40 Tina says "I like food" shortly before Rob says she can Beat Bobby Flay, incidentally inflating her ego even more. Zack requests a detailed spice rack blueprint for the blind. Speaking of food, his sarcasm starts to become more mysterious and the crew fears they may be getting out deadpanned.

12:25 Can a panelist channel their inner Ninja Turtle and pinpoint exactly why the circular makeup of a manhole makes it easily accessible? Tina throws shade at Rob but does he even realize it? Disneyland in France steals the spotlight for a short story time and someone's dreams died there. Rob makes a connection to the Scariest Mental Illnesses of all Time. Zack claims to appreciate "scientific" answers. Rob cuts Tina out of his profile picture for looking like Splice. What the hell is a "Bafoonsie" and how does Tina fair when her quantum physics knowledge is tested? So many bad questions and the answers continue.

20:40 Where did Zack find these questions? We sadly may never know. Tina does a forgettable regal British accent (just kidding, it was pretty good). Parkouring inside a blender is referenced for the first time in human history. Zack envisions using the measurement lines for some classic Assassin's Creed platforming. Does one of the panelists reveal that they may have never learned basic arithmetic?

22:57 Super Powers and Tig Ol' Bitties lives up to its title of most comedic episode of all time. Zack claims his favorite superhero in relation to being redheaded. Tina gets upset over a question and decides to pass on it but seizes the opportunity for a monologue.

26:00 Rob compliments Tina by comparing her to the most important bicycle parts, while taking the back seat. Tina continues her enthusiasm for answering questions about herself, publicly declaring her love for ranch sauce (IG:@AsianRanchSauce). Does Zack insinuate that she's a redneck?

30:00 A panelist is almost stumped by a "Tom & Jerry" question but bounces back. Another panelist claims their favorite video game of all time (Detroit: Become Human). Kangaroos are proven to be the most valuable talking animals. Psycho-Cybernetics is touted as the most helpful book on spirituality.

35:45 Someone talks about crying over a T.V. show and cell-phone insurance claim all in one day. Mint Mobile, owned by Ryan Reynolds is introduced to the panel for the first time. Nobody knows what the "D" stands for in time-zone acronyms., sadly. Pinnacle life-time podcast goals are uncovered and the worst question of all time is asked with confusing responses. Rob forgets Christian Bale's name and would've had a meltdown had the panelists not come to his rescue.

40:20 WE OFFICIALLY PASS ZACK'S INTERVIEW TRYOUT FOR OUR OWN SHOW AND HE IS OFFICIALLY ELECTED TO THE PANEL. He finally discloses the origins of his hat and reveals another hat-related easter egg. Tina and Rob's dog persistently barks loud af for about five minutes before Rob decides to finally fix the issue. Zack gives an in-depth, sentimental glimpse into what makes him the man he is today.

43:30 "Vodka or whiskey"? "Tequila". Zack dives deep into bartending, chef experience, restaurant ownership and awards, while Tina pleads her case for cheese balls as authentic Mexican cuisine. Knowledge is dropped about the key element to making a margarita "THICC".

45:25 Zack is applauded for his ability to maintain ten podcasts at once and discusses the award-winning show about sex robots, Silicon Angels. He is heavily involved in the film industry also and explains his love for audio-drama in detail.

52:10 Shout out to co-founder Dylan and all the hard work and creativity he puts into the multi-faceted Some Nobodies collaborative effort. Outro song: Pushing by Cushy

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