Episode 48 – Id, Ego, Superego, & Complexes


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00:00 This is part 2 of our Episode 46 – Shootin' the Sh*t with a New Panelist discussion. Are ego and personality synonymous? The crew weighs in along with the consensus of psychotherapists. Tina teases Rob's lack of education when he can't remember what the superego and id are. Mike makes an analogy that compares the two and states his belief that our egos are ever-changing. Which one is the angel on one shoulder and which is the devil on the other? When does ego develop and which panelist nails the answer? Intro Song: All We Know by: Boomo

3:45 Tina ties in nature vs. nurture and touches on early environmental influences on the ego. Is it insulting to tell someone they have a big ego? Mike enthusiastically admires the willingness of the crew to touch on such deep and touchy subjects. Which panelist fell in love with chocolate almond milk, but still keeps regular-ass milk as a side piece? Stuck in a love triangle, they describe in detail what their spouse used to pack them for lunch. Were Fruit Gushers a cafeteria inspiration to us all?

6:45 Do you think that the ego is always bad? Tina is displeased with the vague responses, highlights the ego's potential to yield positive results, then proceeds to do a quick One Way Or Another jingle by Blondie. Rob believes the destructive side of the ego far outweighs the potential good side. Can the crew win a Nobel Prize for coming up with an addition to Sigmund Freud's classic theory about the human psyche? Rob takes another jab at pharmaceutical companies.

9:40 Is it wrong to take pride in having a positive impact on society? Tina clarifies that healthy and unhealthy more accurately describes the ego than good and bad. Mike asks a very important question. Rob highlights the numerous variables that slap the ego together and delves into varying degrees of trauma and defense mechanisms as they relate to the self-identity (or self-concept). The importance of channeling your trauma into positivity is stressed because it is the most positive recourse. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) (broken down in the DSM-5) seems to always get mentioned in these psyche-based episodes. Awareness of narcissism seems to be the best way to alleviate its negative character traits. The main plotline of the movie Revolver, directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Jason Statham, is a battle with the ego. Rob questions if he uses the word trope correctly and frustrates Tina when mentioning William Shakespeare.

14:30 Freud's theory on the id, ego, and superego is introduced as the main topic of discussion. Do bodily needs/wants and emotional impulses stem from the amygdala? The reptilian brain, pleasure principle, impulsiveness, and lizard brain? are mentioned. Sex, bodily needs, and the meatpacking industry are also tied together. Do manipulative egos exist and could one convince oneself to eat romaine lettuce contaminated with E.Coli? Part of the crew takes this joke way too seriously. Tina fails to satisfy her ego after stumbling over a "completely brilliant" thought she believed she had. Which of the three components of this theory controls the physiological and subconscious responses within us? Rob thinks he's referencing Howard Stern to a previous episode, but later realizes he meant to say Ozzy Osbourne. This is the first easter egg fail in the history of TPDP.

17:30 The 10 (or 9) best words and phrases, from the world of psychology, that best correlate to the ego are listed and the crew has major discrepancies about one of them. Rob ignorantly states that conceit and deceit are synonymous and Tina swiftly scolds him back in his place. Rob summons Cortana to do her first task of all time, only to prove himself wrong. Tina makes up a new phrase: Robin Hood deceit. Rob fumbles a bit while trying to say the word neutral, while Tina mocks him with Jimmy Neutrons. She also uses the word phraseology and yes it is in fact a word. Rob makes a reference to the Cults Pt. 1 episode.

21:10 Mike describes how we are all creatures of habit, pattern behavior and repetition. Rob gets into a very scary conspiracy about the hidden meaning behind a lot of common words in the English language and how its origins are intertwined with secrets, spells, and black magick. He couldn't recall the name of the exact book he got this from so here is a short YouTube video. Tina talks about how she goes into an uncontrollable rage when someone wakes her up in the morning. Numerology and Gematria are brought up and the crew quickly realizes this is a topic for another day. Mike gets worried he is obnoxiously breathing into his mic that interchangeably stands and sits with. He forgot his mic stand so he is teased for looking like MC Hammer about to do karaoke. He is caught in a lie ironically right when we were about to talk about deceit.

24:10 Who gets called Legolas from The Lord of the Rings for having an elvish tattoo and being a J.R.R. Tolkien nerd? Are the lyrics "All that glitter is gold" from a Backstreet Boys or Smash Mouth song? Tina randomly says Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is her favorite book, sparking a spontaneous book club segment. Mike goes balls deep into his favorite book and movie, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and the deeper sci-fi knowledge and wisdom within its pages are brought to light. Dierks Bentley's brother, whoever he is, gets the most random shoutout so far this year.

27:20 "TINY PPS AND BIG TRUCKS" might catch you off guard here. Do testosterone-ridden men who constantly need to work out really just have an inferiority complex behind all those gains? A voice of reason says it is not our place to judge, but could absolutely be true. Rob explains his experience with a person he knows who has an extreme inferiority complex and the crew realizes negative attention seeking can heavily involve ego. Mike contrarily gives his insight and experience on this issue and topics such as self-pity, dissatisfaction, overcompensation, suppressing shame are brought up. He expresses the vastly varying degrees this complex could entail and thinks that the healing begins with mindfulness.

32:15 Mike talks about flooding the river of your brain with psychedelic mushrooms and psilocybin to let the ego redefine. Is tripping acid as a result of cracking your back a myth? Did the CIA create and manufacture LSD? Rob mentions My Psychedelic Love Story, a Netflix documentary. The crew discusses the two original LSD kingpins, Timothy Leary and Ram Dass, and their efforts to escape a CIA manhunt, which is what the documentary is about.

35:30 Do people who have Asperger's have a sense of ego? Most likely, the answer is complex and requires studies done by neuroscientists. Psychopaths and people with similar disorders have a smaller prefrontal cortex and their brains don't light up on ct scans so it can be difficult to analyze things such as ego. Mike uses the words pontificate and literature term, rote, leaving the rest of the panel filled with awe and amazement. Rob and Tina, ironically demonstrate rote behavior on accident, causing Rob's superego to pop off.

38:15 Tina briefly touches on what a superiority complex is and it's self-absorbed nature. The Psyche-Squad wraps up their very egotistical conversation. Mike shows appreciation for the discussion and his interest in psychology. He is asked to describe himself in six words and his response his very intricate. For some reason Tina thinks The Big Lebowski is a movie about plates. A very bizarre end to the discussion indeed. Stay nerdy! Outro Song: Farewell Misery (Instrumental Version) by Paisley Pink

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