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Integration is not optional. With tens of thousands of people desperate to find relief from traumatic events many refuse to wait when they have tools at their disposal that can help them live better lives, NOW. As more doctors become patients from burnout, we are finding psychedelic informed coaching a professional option for many healthcare and wellness workers who want a contribution based profession that doesn’t require so much personal sacrifice. Many are leaving the traditional health care system that seemed indifferent to their suffering and, therefore, incompatible with healing. The psychedelic integration field already has a massive gap in support, what better people to fill it than physicians, nurses, health coaches and wellness professionals committed to bettering the lives of their clients through scientific questioning and discovery while creating a business model that supports their own individual health and highlights their unique skills. We recognize the current need for skilled, heart centered coaches of all kinds who have personally benefited or have seen the promise of psychedelic therapies and want to be a part of a wellness model that works. Having the confidence to include all aspects of a client's healing or optimization journey (including their plant medicine and psychedelic experiences) IS the difference for actualized results that last. Those brave enough to take a step forward today are tomorrow’s integration experts.

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