Jim Tucker || The Science of Reincarnation


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Today we welcome Dr. Jim Tucker who is a child psychiatrist and the Bonner-Lowry Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. He is Director of the UVA Division of Perceptual Studies, where he is continuing the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson on reincarnation. He has been invited to speak about his research on Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and CBS Sunday Morning. He recently published BEFORE: Children's Memories of Previous Lives, a 2-in-1 edition of his previous books.

In this episode, I talk to Dr. Jim Tucker about the science of reincarnation. We delve into his research findings and methodology on children who claim to remember their previous lives. Dr. Tucker notes that these children don’t just recall biographical details of their past, but they also retain feelings and emotions. His findings have important implications for how we understand consciousness. We also touch on the topics of mortality, trauma, quantum physics, and panpsychism.

Website: www.uvadops.org

Facebook: /jimbtuckermd


02:15 Dr. Ian Stevenson’s research

04:59 Psychophore

06:39 Dr. Jim Tucker’s interest in reincarnation

10:01 Past life statements and unusual play

18:34 Announcing dreams, predictions, birthmarks

25:13 Fraud, self-deception, fantasy

30:18 Genetic memory

34:21 Transfer of consciousness

39:07 Why are past memories so fleeting?

41:10 Are we all reincarnated?

42:20 Death, trauma, and growth across lifetimes

48:08 Panpsychism and multiverses

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