Kelly Carlin || The Human Path Toward Wholeness


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In this episode, I talk to Kelly Carlin about the human path to wholeness. We delve into Kelly's childhood and what it was like growing up with the influential comedian George Carlin. Recently, she started her own coaching program called Women on The Verge. With a master's degree in Jungian psychology and a coaching certification, Kelly helps women step out of their expected societal roles by empowering them to reclaim their true selves. She finds great joy in seeing others live fuller, authentic lives. We also touch on the topics of parenting, depth psychology, social justice, interconnectivity, and comedy.


Kelly Carlin is an actress, producer, screenwriter, podcast host, and the only daughter of the late comedian George Carlin. Her fascinations range from discovering how to live a true and deep life, to freedom of expression, to the evolution of consciousness and the American psyche. She’s a practitioner of Zen Buddhism, has a master's in Jungian psychology, and comes from a family steeped in comedy, big ideas, and warm hearts. She is also the founder of Women on The Verge, a coaching practice that encourages women to make deep, long-lasting changes within so that they can finally be valued, paid, and recognized.


Twitter: @kelly_carlin


00:01:19 Kelly’s childhood and upbringing

00:10:13 The family of comedy

00:15:50 Kelly’s interest in Jungian depth psychology

00:19:05 Unlearning childhood experiences

00:22:22 Women on the Verge

00:27:01 Embodying new identities

00:31:23 Dismantling the “tyrannical shoulds”

00:35:07 Authenticity is congruence

00:38:48 Social justice and the evolution of consciousness

00:41:41 The need to matter

00:48:40 The emerging recognition of interdependence

00:52:08 Kelly’s future projects

00:58:17 What would irk George Carlin the most about current society?

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