A New Look at Menopause


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Menopause typically happens during a time of life when women need to be on top of their game; managing their careers, raising children, and perhaps caring for aging parents. And thus the hormonal changes that happen can be a huge disruption, bringing with them sleepless nights, raging sweats, weight gain and mood swings. Worse yet, menopause has been viewed as a marker of irrelevance for women, and because of that, they tend to avoid the topic. ObGyn and outspoken women’s health advocate Jen Gunter hopes to change the conversation with her new book, “The Menopause Manifesto.” She offers advice on treating symptoms, dives deep into hormones, and offers a whole new and empowered framework for thinking about this time of transition. She talked to host Maiken Scott about the book, hormone therapy, diets and much more.

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