#118: Designing Communities with Intention with Anna Hetzel


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If you've ever been a part of a mastermind, mentorship, group coaching program, membership, or an online course -- it's likely that you've been offerred to join a community in relation to that offer.

Communities can be truly transformative spaces when they're intentionally designed and upheld...

...but the thing is? Oftentimes, they're more of an add-on or afterthought.

Hopefully that'll change today after today's conversation with Anna Hetzel - Strategic Copywriter, Community Designer, aaaaand fellow enthusiast of all things bird puns!

Join us as we discuss:

- What community actually is

- "Intimacy" and how it often gets weaponised when showcasing the community aspect of an offer - Developing your codes of conduct (with examples)

- How we can set expectations and boundaries for our folks

- The key difference between leadership vs being a facilitator

And SO much more!

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