1204 | Jim Rohn: “If the Why is Powerful, the How is Easy.”


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Today, Jim Rohn shares with us four key questions to ponder if you want to be successful. The first one deals with working on your list of WHYs because Jim explains that one of the big thrusts to success is to come up with a big strong enough WHY. In other words, if the why is powerful, the how becomes easy.
The next question to ponder is why not. Establish a goal, give it thoughtful consideration and consider why not? And consequently, why not you? After all, you’ve got the brains. You can make decisions, so why not you?
And finally, Jim asks you to consider why not now? For there never was a better time than now. Take this dream and give it life. Now.
Source: Jim Rohn: Why Not You, Why Not Now
Hosted by Sean Croxton
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