1217 | Ed Mylett: “I Don’t Do Things Based on How I Feel, I Do Things Based on Who I Am.”


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Ed Mylett lights up the stage with an unforgettable story about Tom Brady, and the difference between heaven and hell. Whether you've lived an incredible life is ultimately determined when you reach the end of your journey. You're put here to do something significant with your life, in little ways or big ways. There are people you're supposed to help. And to live life to the fullest is to accomplish who you're here to be.
Ed further underscores the importance of listening to those people who matter in your life. Indeed, live your life for the main characters in your life. There will be naysayers and unbelievers, but those negative voices don't have a place within your sphere of greatness. Undoubtedly, you are capable of great things.
Source: Find and Flip Summit 2019 - Amazing Ed Mylett Keynote Speech
Hosted by Sean Croxton.
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