1178 | Brené Brown: “No Vulnerability, No Love, No Belonging, No Joy.”


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Often, being vulnerable is misconstrued as being weak. For this reason, Brene Brown debunks the idea that vulnerability equates with weakness.
In this episode, Brene provides us another way of looking at vulnerability. According to her, vulnerability is actually the reverse of weakness. It is the center of love, belonging, joy, courage, innovation, and even creativity. In other words, without vulnerability, there will be no courage to cultivate and success to savor.
Through vulnerability, we find within ourselves the courage to continue and the will to keep going. Finally, what was usually misunderstood as weakness turns out to be a cornucopia for success and happiness. As Brene precisely put it, “Vulnerability is not weakness. It’s our greatest measure of courage.”
Source: Brené Brown | Daring Classrooms | SXSWedu 2017
Hosted by Sean Croxton
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