1181 | Jim Cathcart: “The Future You See Defines the Person You will Need to Be.”


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In this episode, Jim Cathcart shares with us what mindset is and elaborates why it matters. According to Jim, mindset ends up influencing our actions, the habits we cultivate, and finally, our reputation. And reputation, as Jim explains, helps in connecting with people and building relationships, which in turn expand the size of your potential future. In other words, reputation is one of the keys to the doors of opportunity.
Jim encourages you to reflect and figure out what you truly desire, what you want to achieve, and the kind of person you want to become. Remember, mindset is one of the core elements in achieving prosperity. As Nietzsche once said, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”
Source: Keynote Speaker: Jim Cathcart • Presented by SpeakInc • Habitude Warrior Conference
Hosted by Sean Croxton
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