Exhaust# 152: Sustaining the Boom (w/ Christy LaCurelle)


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We got a gift. The global pandemic of 2020 was terrible on many levels but led to a boom for outdoor activities, including, especially, the dirt bike industry. Even better, much of the gains are with new riders. How can industry sustain this growth and keep people on bikes for generations? Luckily, the United States Motorcycle Coaching Association has built a process to make the sport safer and smarter for new riders. Just in time for this surge in popularity, the USMCA is ready to help new (and returning) riders. But why is coaching so important? Just look around! Nearly every other sport, from stick and ball to skiing, offers easy access to coaching and lessons. When a sport is no longer limited to what Mom and Dad already know, good things happen. Jason Weigandt talks to Christy LaCurelle of the USMCA to learn why good coaching leads to better beginnings for riders, and why the USMCA is a vital part of the future of the sport. Just like coaching is with every other sport out there!

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