COVID, A Hypnosis Around Abundance, Money and Trust


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Covid-19, A Hypnosis Around Abundance, Money and Trust Episode Summary The fear release and meditation begin at 12:10 if you want to skip the conversation. Today my guest is... me. I made another hypnosis for you to use for abundance, money and trust around the economic changes and personal changes that may feel out of control right now. If you find yourself spiraling or incapacitated, I hope this will be a big support for you. I also share a fear crisis experience I just had with you all that many people can relate to during these times, along with my process for flowing through it into a place of greater expansion, elevation and enlightenment of my spiritual being. Remember you can come back and skip right to the hypnosis over and over. You can download it and access it at any time. I truly hope these are helping you all. I know they are helping me tremendously and I am living in a much more relaxed state during changes, which feels great because it helps me to believe in the greater good and that we will prevail. Show Notes: I hope that you find some trust, relaxation and health from my words and the hypnosis track I have prepared for you. I will continue to release relaxation tracks here and on my Instagram TV so stay tuned for those. I will include shorter tracks over time. I encourage you to be proactive, informed, centered and engaged in community. Please drop a comment, like, subscribe, star rate, review and share this episode. You can help me increase immunity and healthcare by reaching more and more people in their homes. And continue to breathe, friends. We are in this together. Blessings. My temporary fear crisis How I moved the emotional immobilization through my body Look under your fear to examine and reframe it A cultural collapse of the illusion of control An invitation to rebuild systems with abundance and trust Accessing ancestral trust through catastrophic events Fear release and guided meditation @ 12:10 Follow Us: The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Instagram Facebook Youtube Music and Hypnosis by Lori Reising

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