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Vanlife, The Adventure Allens Create Life Their Own Way Episode Summary Chris and Taylor Allen are an absolute delight! They totally radiate love, joy and positivity, even after experiencing some devastating tragedies very early on in their relationship. We dive into the pillar of their strength together, how they navigated life-threatening hospitalizations, the ways that vanlife has supported them throughout those experiences, vanlife community and diversity and how they leaned into the learning curve of living small and mobile. We also get to hear their perspective on diversity and representation for people of color in vanlife and how it has evolved and progressed. They share exciting ideas for supporting others through caravans for representation, an inclusive Ebook about how they’ve done vanlife on their own terms and a developing tour guide business in the works for them. Seriously, we have such a ball in this episode! As my inaugural vanlifers for the podcast, I feel immense gratitude we made this connection. They have such love, openness and beautiful wisdom, there are many areas to draw from in this conversation! Chris and Taylor also gave us some fantastic vanlife tips and tricks. Click on the link in the show notes below to receive this free download! Show Notes The beautiful couple energy emanating from The Allens How The Allens met and what made it align so quickly Online dating mishaps and persistence Going old school and what made them jump all in Partners as part of a whole, two halves working together Learning experiences in the beginning created their groove Tragedy early on in vanlife From boatlife to vanlife How Chris used his recovery to learn about vanlife Community was a key to Chris’s recovery Chris keeps calm as an EMT Humor as medicine Taylor goes through a medical trauma Chris held it down through Taylor’s recovery The van’s supportive role in both recoveries What the vanlife community means to Chris and Taylor The philosophy of adapt and overcome Vanlife encourages creativity and innate human skills The evolution of diversity in vanlife The evolution of representation New podcast called Nomads at the Intersection Another called Black Nomads Meet featuring People of Color Making uncomfortable conversations more comfortable Covert vs overt racism “If the vanlife community can transform in the celebration of diversity, that’s representation that the whole world can do it.” Developing caravans for representation An E-book in the works from a couple that started vanlife in a different way The benefits of being in a caravan There’s no book to how to live in the van correctly Vanlife tour guides Baha caravan! Who are your dream guests and why? The Adventure Allens are a safe space for your questions Vanlife can look any way you want it to look Links Mentioned: The Adventure Allens, Chris and Taylor Vanlife Tips From The Adventure Allens Email subscription for Vanlife Tips David Goggins Kit Whistler Candyss Love Diversify Vanlife/Nomads at the Intersections Podcast Black Nomads Meet Betterhelp Link for 10% off your first month Patreon link for The Wild and Raw Hearts Podcast Follow Us: The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Instagram Facebook

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