Vanlife, The Sekr Way with Breanne Acio and Jess Shisler


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Vanlife, The Sekr Way with Breanne Acio and Jess Shisler Podcast Episode Summary Welcome to today’s episode! The next one in my vanlife series! It's called 'Vanlife, The Sekr Way with Breanne Acio and Jess Shisler'. I sit down to chat with Breanne and Jess about their app called Sekr,, which has helped thousands of outdoor enthusiasts connect, create community and find resources. Through empowerment, connection, and support, they promise to make your life while on the road a home. We talk all about their separate journeys into van life and what motivated them to join forces to create and nurture deeper community in this space. We also get into how important it is to build a life you love, create community for social wellness, find and offer authenticity in mental health, keep your dream alive amidst set backs, the reasons behind their re-brand and the importance of diversity and inclusion in the entire adventure industry. It’s a very informative and timely conversation to have, whether you are in van life or not. I often times find the energies that pop up in vanlife are at their core, the deep messages and themes that are true to human life. I’m super excited for you to hear their mission and message today! Show Notes Breanne and Jess’s start to vanlife The birth of the Sekr app from experiences Building a life you love Favorite part of vanlife Most difficult part of vanlife Virtual vanlife meetups How social connection affects our life satisfaction The importance of mental health transparency and inquiries The last time you asked how are you and meant it People nearby feature Vanlife is not about the vehicle, it’s a way of life Re-branding to Sekr The importance of diversity and inclusion in the adventure industry Who is your dream guest and why? Links Mentioned Sekr App Breanne Acio Jess Shisler Lori Reising, Newsletter Sign up Betterhelp Link for 10% off your first month #sponsored Patreon link for The Wild and Raw Hearts Podcast Follow Us: The Raw and Wild Hearts Podcast Instagram for The Raw and Wild Hearts Facebook for The Raw and Wild Hearts Youtube for The Raw and Wild Hearts Music by ate21

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