WS832: Mobile Home Parks — Navigating the Law and Operating or Maximum Success with Ferd Niemann


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Ferd Niemann knows what it means to work hard. He obtained a law degree while working full-time, was the youngest county appraiser Kansas City ever had, and has worked two jobs at once for most of his life, including as an investor, operator, broker, lawyer, and podcaster. Most importantly, he has had fun doing it and is still excited to do more. Ferd’s current niche is mobile home park (MHP) law. There is a lot of hostility around MHPs and each year, more are being redeveloped or destroyed than are being created. Despite this, the industry is almost recession-resistant and when the COVID-19 pandemic began, sales of MHPs skyrocketed. In today’s show, we discuss the different types of MHPs and the important elements to consider when doing due diligence on MHPs, why Ferd believes that investing in real estate is a good long- term plan, his concerns around possible policy changes that could be implemented by the new government, and how he thinks that will affect the real estate sector.

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