WS843: The Importance of Educating People Outside of Your Network to Help Raise Equity with Prashant Kumar


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By now we know that being in the real estate business really means you are in the relationship and people business. It is such an important aspect of what we do, from looking for and finding new investors, continuing to build our networks, and even in raising equity. Something we need to keep at the forefront of our mindset, especially when starting out, is that the world is big. There are many people out there who have money that are willing to invest and that is why it is important that also educate people outside of our network. Today’s guest is Prashant Kumar, who has owned single-family and multifamily properties and has about 100 units in his personal portfolio. He's been involved in multifamily projects in the GP capacity for the last five years and did 1,200 units in 2019 as a general partner, with one deal is currently being purchased.

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