WS861: The Importance Of Having A Development Expert On Your Side with Herschell Hamilton


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Community history; something you may not think about as you plan to develop an area. If you think of any community, everyone across social, economic, and racial spectrums, has contributed to the growth and development of the community. As a developer, it is crucial that you understand that communities have a history and a legacy. Therefore, in order to make your work in those communities as smooth as possible, you should tie up your development concepts and themes to those things that the community is really known for or that they evolve towards. Our guest today is Herschell Hamilton. Herschell is the leading revitalization and commercial real estate developer in the southeast United States. He is the guy government agencies call when they need a strategic plan in recapturing the history of neighborhoods. He serves as a board member to the various public and private entities where he leads his expertise on asset diversification, real estate, and finance.

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