American Epidemic: Living Beyond our Means


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(7/1/22) Remember the 1970's--things were so much simpler then, right? Is this really a bear market, about which we're in denial? The Truth Comes from the Data. The Fed is raising rates so they can lower them again; Richard Rosso's Summer Reading List (preview); who's living paycheck-to-paycheck now? American Epidemic: Living Beyond our Means. Tire Terrorists; how much have Boomers saved for Retirement? What ever happened to the E*Trade Baby? Will Social Security COLA go up 10%? Senior Citizens League working to lower Insulin costs; the health/wealth dynamic in Retirement. SEG-1: Do We Need to Go Back to 1970? SEG-2: The Epidemic of Living Beyond Our Means SEG-3: Tire Terrorists & Retirement Reality SEG-4: The Health-Wealth Dynamic in Retirement Hosted by RIA Advisors Director of Financial Planning, Richard Rosso, CFP w Senior Advisor Danny Ratliff, CFP -------- Watch today's show on our YouTube channel: -------- Our Latest "Three Minutes on Markets & Money: Will the Second-Half of 2022 Be Better than the First?" is here: -------- Our previous show is here: "Is Becoming an Ex-Pat the Best Way to Blunt Inflation?" v=TOhFfAXqajk&list=PLVT8LcWPeAugpcGzM8hHyEP11lE87RYPe&index=1&t=2805s -------- Articles mentioned in this podcast: "Don't Fight the Fed" -------- Get more info & commentary: -------- SUBSCRIBE to The Real Investment Show here: -------- Visit our Site: Contact Us: 1-855-RIA-PLAN -------- Subscribe to RIA Pro: -------- Connect with us on social: #Retirement #SocialEscurity #COLA #Healthcare #FederalReserve #RateHikes #Markets #Money #Investing

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