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Emma, from mmmEnglish, is a YouTube Teacher, English Confidence Coach, and Entrepreneur based in Perth, Australia. She started her channel to help her former Vietnamese students get out of the classroom and develop real-world fluency and has now grown it to a community of over 4M subscribers. Emma is passionate about helping English learners build their confidence to use their English in the real world. She is also the co-founder of Hey Lady!, an online community for women from around the world to connect and practice their English in a safe environment.

I was so excited to have Emma on. It's actually not the first time that I have met her, and she is so much fun! We talked about what exactly real world English fluency is, and why it is not enough to just speak with natives. She told me about how she overcomes cross-cultural conflict in her Hey Lady! community and how learners can develop the skills to make meaningful connections through English. We also talked about how you can deal with stress and anxiety when it comes to speaking. We discussed why having a strong purpose for your learning, and anything else in life, is absolutely crucial. And as always we finished with a fun game where Emma and I tested our knowledge of each other's countries That and so much more coming up in episode 9 of Beyond Borders! Show notes here. .......... We’re super excited to announce that we have publicly launched much anticipated RealLife English Podcast and Speaking App, which will give dedicated learners, just like you, the opportunity to listen to podcasts, not only with audio and transcripts, but also to speak English with other learners from around the world, at the touch of a button, for free. Download the App Here .......... Sign up for the RealLife Native Immersion Course here .......... Links:

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