Epi 243: A Walk Through the Recruit-Me 3.0 Step-by-Step Workbook


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Episode 243 highlights the 6 Step-by-Step procedures of the athletic recruiting process in the Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Scholarship System workbook. The workbook is 1 of the many resources that you get with Recruit-Me 3.0. The Recruit-Me 3.0 system has a downloadable manual and workbook, multiple videos and audio links to help with the recruiting process and link to helpful resources. I detail the 6 Steps that have templates and examples in the workbook.

Step 1: Select the Schools

Step 2: Write a Great Email

Step 3: Creating a Person Profile

Step 4: Build your own Questionnaire

Step 5: Track your Communications

Step 6: Send 1 Page Updates

Also, included is a chart for help you grade each college you talk to, a School Scorecard.

Go to Recruit-Me.com and download the FREE Recruiting Power Pack that includes the Personal Profile template. If you want more help then go to Recruit-Me.com/system. The Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Recruiting System has a special End of School price of only $99. This price is good through May 31st.

There is no reason to waste time thinking about how and when to start the recruiting process and how to do the recruiting process. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of resources that are already proven, already laid out for you.


Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Scholarship System for only $99

FREE Recruiting Power Pack

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