Epi 244: Part 1 of 2; An Interview with Cameron Wright, An Olympian, All-American and a College Track & Field Coach


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Episode 244 of the The Athletic Scholarship Podcast is Part 1 of 2 of an interview with Cameron Wright. Cameron and his family moved to Ozark, MO about 2 years ago and I have got to know them through basketball, baseball and golf. Cameron's middle child is the same age as my youngest son and they both play high school baseball and basketball together. As I have got to know Cameron I found out he is from Southern Illinois and his family knows my in-laws that are from that area. Cameron attended Southern Illinois University and was a 5 time All-American high jumper and a 4 time Missouri Valley Conference high jump champion. Also, Cameron, qualified and participated in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA.

In this episode we cover Cameron's athletic background, his family and his college, college coaching and Olympic career. Cameron covers the seasons of Track and Field, the events, the number of athletes on a team and the number of scholarships available. Our discussion covers Track and Field recruiting, what a high schooler needs to do and how important the high school state championship are in the sport. There is a large amount of recruiting done at the JUCO level and even at the International level in the sport.

We cover many more topics of recruiting. Listed below are other Athletic Scholarship Podcast episodes that will fill in some of the topics discussed in this episode, Episode 244.

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