Epi 247: A Recruit-Me Interview on the Burger Bites Podcast


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Episode 247 is an interview I did for a podcast call Burger Bites. Rance Burger is the editor for my local newspaper, the Christian County Headliner News, and is the director of communications for the Grip-N-Rip Baseball League. The Grip-N-Rip Baseball League is one of the premier wood bat leagues for players ages 21 and older. Rance does play-by-play, helps promote the league and also help to maximize the experience for fans and players. His Burger Bites Podcast helps promote the GRBL and can be found at anchor.fm/GRBL or by searching "Burger Bites" wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Rance allows me to explain what Recruit-Me is and does and what resources Recruit-Me provides to help in the college athletic recruiting process. This episode helps you to get a good feel for how the Athletic Scholarship Podcast and Recruit-Me.com can help a student-athlete and their family to navigate the recruiting road and do it by saving both time and money.

I want to thank Rance for the interview opportunity and invite you to listen to his podcast and go to the grip-n-ripbaseball.com website to check out the 6 teams that will play this August at the 5,000 seat US Ballpark in Ozark, MO.

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