Episode 236; Location, Location, Location


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If you know anything about the Real Estate business, then you know the most important thing is location, location, location. Well, in the recruiting process location is important, but not the most important item. It is many times not thought about as student-athletes and families look at and decide on a school. The location of a college can positively or adversely affect a player's experience. Being minutes from home, or 5 hours away or 15 hours away, are discussions a family needs to have throughout the recruiting process. Relevant discussions and good discussions come from research.

This episode, Episode 236, tells you about the many questions you need to consider about location. Our family, Parker, Sutton, Lori and I, all have examples of why location helped to make our college decisions or are going to help make a decision, in Sutton's case. Lori, my wife, attended the University of Kentucky, and she knew she wanted to be away from home, but close enough to drive back home, a 4 hour drive. She also had family very close to campus to help when she needed to be off campus, but not go home. In this episode you hear how I considered the location in my college decision and how Parker's plan changed during his recruitment and how, again, Sutton is making his parameters known and how he is applying them to his school list.

Location will affect not only travel, but shopping, eating, entertainment and even down to laundry. So let's get into location, location, location!

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