Episode 238: Part 2 of 2 An Interview with Glenn Quick


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Episode 238 is Part 2 of 2 to An Interview with Glenn Quick. Glenn is an Assistant Athletics Director and Academic and Career Counselor for Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas. In Episode 237, Part 1 of the interview, Glenn gives us his background, what academic counselors do for an athletic program and how his professional life was changed as he attended college.

This episode, Episode 238, covers a large amount of helpful information that will help you decide on a college and help to prepare you for college while you are still in high school and how not to get "Senioritis" in high school. He explains how an academic advisor helps a new college student-athlete in helping with choices of classes, balancing the athletic vs academic schedule and getting the student-athlete on track toward graduation. The Academic Advisor helps to balance classes, practice, games, training and travel. In this episode we get into some differences between high school and college.

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Glenn also dials in on a feature many universities have and that is Career Counseling. See some advantages a school can provide to a student-athlete with this department of their athletic program.

Thank you to Glenn Quick for his time and valuable information. If anyone has any questions for Glenn, then email me at Brent@Recruit-Me.com.

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