Episode 240: Part 2 of an Interview with Coach Barry Hinson


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I know you are really going to enjoy and gain a great amount of information from this Athletic Scholarship Podcast, Episode 240: Part 2; An Interview with Coach Barry Hinson. Barry Hinson is currently an analyst for the Oklahoma State University Men's Basketball team. Coach Hinson has coached basketball for 40 years, ranging from Junior High, High School and College. Barry started as a Junior High coach, then moved to a High School coach in Tulsa. In 1993 he became an assistant coach at Oral Roberts University(ORU) in Tulsa, OK. He took over as the Head Coach of ORU in 1997. In 1999 Barry moved to the Head Coach position at Southwest Missouri State in Springfield, MO. During his tenure, the university changed its name to Missouri State. After 9 years at SWMO/MSU he took a job at Kansas University and was there for 4 years. Then in 2012 he took the reigns of the Southern Illinois Salukis. Hinson returned to his college alma mater, Oklahoma State University in 2019.

This episode covers many topics. NCAA recruiting rules, family decisions, the importance of getting the right fit, what Coach Hinson watches for when watching a player in a high school or club basketball game, how to prepare for college and many, many other helpful nuggets.

If you listen to both episodes of this interview, episode 239 and episode 240, you will get a charge of useful, fun and inspiring recruiting information.

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