Episode 241: Would You Be Ready If A College Called You Today?


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Will you be ready when a college coach calls? Episode 241 ask, If a college coach called you today, would you be ready? What would you do?

As a parent or student-athlete, you do not want to do all the work to get contacted and then not to be prepared to actually act on the contact. So if you have made your list of schools, made you videos, been to a showcase or ID camp, done you work on the field or the court or the pool or the mat, you do not want to stall the process because you are not prepared to act on the contact.

Hear how Sutton, my youngest son, reacted and responded when he got his 1st coach contact. Also, hear how a teammate was preparing for his junior year of high school by getting ready to send his information to coaches, but got pleasantly surprised by the level and number of coaches' contacts he received after a showcase.

Are you ready?!

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