Episode 242: What Do You Ask When You Talk With A Coach?


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Last week on Episode 241 I asked you and I talked about, Would you be ready if a college coach called you today? I hope you had a chance to listen to Epi 241. From that podcast it brought up the question of What would you ask when you talk with a coach? What specific questions should you ask? So, this week's topic covers many specific questions that you can add to your toolbox to be ready and more comfortable to talk with a college coach either face to face or on the phone. This is a task that the student-athlete has to take on. The student-athlete needs to read these questions, practice them in the mirror, in the car, and say them out loud to themselves and to their parents. The student-athlete must write these questions down or type them and have the questions on paper or on their phone. Have the questions easy to get to when a phone call comes. In this episode I talk about recording the coach's answers to these questions by taking notes and immediately add the notes to your communication tracking chart on paper, on a spreadsheet or in the Athletic Scholarship 24-Month Recruiting Planner and Journal. Click below to get more information on this book.

This episode ends the series of 17 questions that have been asked by student-athletes and parents. These questions are taken from the Recruit-Me 3.0 Athletic Scholarship System, click below for more information on the 3.0 System. The Recruit-Me 3.0 System is normally only $127, saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars over a recruiting service. I have a new End of School Special price of $99 good through May 31, 2021. Take advantage of this discount to get the summer off to a great start and take advantage of coaches getting more active after COVID stopped visits and communications.

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