My Favorite ‘F’ Words: Faith + Feminism with Meghan Tschanz


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Thank you Newsstand Studio at 1 Rockefeller Plaza for providing a place for me to record this episode for y’all! No more Brooklyn closet recording!!!

Feminism: the fight for equality between men and women.

Did you grow up thinking feminism was bad?

That the word “feminism” was a dirty word?

That your faith had no space for feminism?

That women called to serve men?

This week, I’m talking with Meghan Tschanz— writer, speaker, and host of the Faith and Feminism Podcast— all about feminism. We talk about the things we gre up believing about women that we no longer believe, how we grew to become (and call ourselves) feminists, and why Jesus is a feminist.

The Narratives We’ve Been Told

  • Not only does growing up in an Evangelical context shape the way you view your role as a woman, but so does society in general.
  • Meghan talks about how as a kid she was taught that being competitive and strong was not her role and that her body was bad and shameful.

  • She remembers thinking, “I don’t think this is God, but this is all I know.” And she accepted it because she didn’t want to be seen as un-Christian.
  • “The text doesn’t ever say, ‘Well, men have a little more of the God image and women need to keep quiet.’” - Kat Harris

Changing the Narratives

  • Meghan shares how women can be protectors, providers, and pursuers.
  • We all love a good “the way they met” story. Meghan shares hers and I open up about my frustration in striking out constantly— always kissing the frogs and never getting the prince.
  • I get honest about wanting a partner who will be a provider and how I have challenged myself to dig below the surface.
  • Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean you’re not a feminist.
  • “Overall, if we’re looking at the history of the world, if we’re looking at what is ailing women today, it’s a lack of choices, it’s being forced into a box.” - Meghan Tschanz

Women of the Bible

  • We unpack Mary and Martha’s stories in the Bible.
  • Junia’s name was changed to Junius to fit the gender roles.
  • Esther disobeyed and didn’t conform to gender roles.
  • Bottom line: women are very much in charge, empowered, and leading nations.

“The most damaging phrase is: it's always been done this way” - Grace Hopper

Growing up, what did you learn about being a woman?

From church? Culture? Home? School?

How have those narratives shaped how you view yourself + your experience today?

What do you think of the idea that Jesus could be a feminist?

What do you think feminism is?

Write down your answers and process them. Be willing to go on a journey.


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