Pure or Impure?: Reframing the Dialogue Around Sex with Brenda Marie Davies


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Thank you Newsstand Studio at 1 Rockefeller Plaza for providing a place for me to record this episode for y’all! No more Brooklyn closet recording!!!

Trigger warning: Multiple discussions of sexual assault in this episode.

Can you have conversations with people you don’t agree with theologically?

What does the Bible say about sex?

How can we reframe a dialogue around sex?

Is your sexual ethic rooted in fear?

You all know by now that I am a Christian and I am waiting for marriage to have sex. I thought it would be fun to have a conversation with a Christian who isn’t saving sex for marriage. And I couldn’t think of a better person to talk to. Brenda Marie Davies is the author of On Her Knees: Memoir of a Prayerful Jezebel and host of the YouTube channel and podcast God is Grey. She identifies as a progressive Christian and champions sex-positive, LGBTQ+ affirming, science-believing faith.

Reframing the dialogue

  • “When you’re conflating your sexuality with this idea of pure or impure, you’re suddenly creating this black and white narrative.” - Brenda

  • The phrase “sexual purity” can be particularly shaming and damaging for people who have experienced some sort of sexual assault.
  • Even reframing the phrase “losing your virginity” to “having your sexual debut.” We don’t lose anything when we have sex.
  • Brenda talks about how Ephesians is sometimes taken out of context to promote marital rape. This is not okay; there should always be enthusiastic consent.

  • “If someone is not enthusiastically consenting to an experience, then they are being coersed into sex.” - Brenda

The swinging pendulum

  • “My sexuality got completely hijacked by this ethic that was based on fear.” - Brenda

  • Brenda talks about her experience at the polar opposite sides of views on sex. She recalls her experience being in a church that worshipped purity.

  • “When we are living in these two polarities or extremes, you’re not just going to balance out in the middle… you don’t have the tools.” - Brenda
  • “I think we flatten sexuality, we have flattened what it means to be human, and we have compartmentalized ourselves which I don’t think is a God theology.” - Kat Harris

  • There is no way to reach a healthy sexual ethic by white-knuckling.

What does the Bible say about sex?

  • Brenda talks about her relationship with the bible, especially when it comes to what it says about sex.
  • You can find justifications in the Bible that says it is a sin and that says it is not a sin.
  • “Please don’t say I’m not a Christian… it’s not a salvation issue.” - Brenda


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