Ep. 9 - Why Vatican II is essential for understanding present-day Roman Catholicism


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This episode is brought to you by our sponsor, Union School of Theology. Listen as we describe the role of church councils and specifically the importance of Vatican II. What happened exactly at Vatican II? Why is it arguably the most significant of all the Church councils? Why is it essential to understanding present-day Roman Catholicism and Catholic theology? Do not miss this important episode.
Episode resources:

  • Norman P. Tanner, The Councils of the Church: A Short History
  • David F Wells, Revolution in Rome
  • Kenneth J. Stewart, In Search of Ancient Roots: The Christian Past and the Evangelical Identity Crisis
  • Vatican File 160. http://vaticanfiles.org/en/2019/04/vf160/
  • The Rome Scholars & Leaders Network - to find out more visit the RSLN page, www.reformandainitiative.org/rsln
  • The Union School of Theology. Union forms men and women to grow Christ’s church. At Union School of Theology, they offer degrees from BA to PhD, shaping their students to be theologically rigorous, biblically faithful, and Christlike. Visit https://www.ust.ac.uk/ to find out more.

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