#24 Planning and designing holistically with Darren Doherty


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Farms are an expression of a climate, soil and farmer's potential. All need to be considered in order to create holistically functional systems. Reaching this depth is a complex task, but thanks to the work of innovators like Darren Doherty we have tools and techniques that help us make smarter decisions.

This episode deals with the big picture: the patterns, the behaviours and the context that are vital to any farmer and his 'whole under management'. Too often, planning is not given enough emphasis, causing huge losses in resources. Darren bring his vast experience to the table, in an interview that we hope will make you think as much as it made us!



03:00 - Introduction to Darren and the Regrarians Platform

13:10 - The role of IT in the agricultural transition

18:00 - The limits of consulting

26:50 - Trees as a farm's backbone (potentially)

38:55 - The economic potential of timber trees on farms

47:40 - Reasons why we struggle to add trees to landscapes

01:01:00 - Design tools and methodologies

01:09:10 - Delving into the scale of permanence

01:22:30 - Holistic management as a planning framework

01:27:30 - Challenges of farming regeneratively

01:37:50 - The next Regrarians REX training




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