The Power of Other People’s Money


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Guests: Karan & Kunal Malhotra, Real Estate Investors

In this episode you will learn about:

  • OPM – Other People’s Money
  • Benefits of connecting with other people
  • Private Investors
  • Building trust with Investors
  • The Numbers Game – Secured vs. Unsecured Funds
  • Various Investment Strategies

Get in touch with Karan & Kunal:

Karan and Kunal immigrated from India. Karan came to Canada in 2012 as a student. Their real estate investing career started with the idea of the Canadian dream of buying a house. In only a year they managed to accumulate 10-doors in their portfolio, and all deals are 100% OPM with no JVs. This pair shared their journey through real estate investing, including how they acquired their properties by using Other-People’s-Money. They also shared the benefit of growing your connections, building trust with your investors, and how they managed their finances while scaling up.

Tune in to Karan & Kunal’s inspiring real estate investing career in Canada!

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