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Our modern society presents us with the mythology that answers these philosophical questions like "Who am I?" or "What’s my purpose in life?” But once we answer all those questions through the story of separation, then what is the alternative? What does interbeing mean to you?

This week, author Charles Eisenstein, joins me in a very interesting discussion on how his journey of personal growth played an important role in his development and influenced his body of work on separation and interbeing.

Much of Charles' work draws on ideas from Eastern philosophy as he lived in Taiwan for nine years. The main goal of his work is to make you become aware of your own "story of interbeing.” If you’re interested in interdependence and your connection to the world, you’ll want to check the podcast:


  • 4:15 Introduction Charles Eisenstein
  • 11:10 Defining interbeing and separation
  • 17:30 How separation creates disconnection in our lives
  • 27:00 How deep relationships can help individuals and society
  • 37:15 Communication crisis and lack of empathy
  • 42:40 How to overcome being in a victimhood position
  • 53:45 Framing problems in an “us" vs "them” mentality 59:20 Action Step

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