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If you’re single and dating, are you tired of all the dating apps in our swipe-right culture? This week, John Kim LMFT, better known as the Angry Therapist, joins me in a very interesting discussion about his life after getting divorced that transformed his journey in becoming a therapist and coach. We also talked about John’s new book, “Single On Purpose: Redefine Everything. Find Yourself First.” He wants you to prioritize your relationship with yourself and live a more meaningful life. If you’re interested in dating and relationship tips, you’ll want to check this podcast.


  • 4:20 Men and therapy
  • 9:00 John Kim’s background and childhood
  • 16:55 Dealing with racism in John’s early years
  • 20:30 How his divorce pushed John to start getting interested in therapy
  • 28:00 Understanding parenting through experience
  • 31:50 Working as a coach in this day and age
  • 36:25 About John’s new book “Single on Purpose”
  • 37:55: Dating and friendship advice
  • 45:20 Final advice
  • 46:40 Action Step

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