409: Why Automation Is The Secret Weapon For Your Business (GIVE YOUR BUSINESS A WINNING EDGE)


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Why automation is the secret weapon for your business?


When I started my journey in the early 2010s, I felt the first real sense of freedom. I was in control of my schedule, and I still had free time.

As time went on, I onboarded new clients, and my freedom shrunk, and I felt like I was in a cage.

I was working 12 hour days. I started getting anxiety, and I had no idea how to get my life back.

One day I was so fed up that I decided to map out my entire workflow to find out how I could systematize it.

To my surprise, 75% of my work consisted of the same five actions: 1) outreach for sales, 2)optimizing ads, 3)posting to social media, 4)answering emails 5) managing projects.

I was pumped. Now I needed to go online and look for the automation tools to help me get work done. So I spent the next two weeks researching the best software.The results were fantastic. I ended up automating the majority of the work. That process alone, saved me at least 4 hours a day and left me with a lot more energy and focus. Now I could tackle the tasks that required my attention.

Do you feel like you're on a hamster wheel? If you do, take the time to break the cycle!!! Find a way to clean up your to-do list and automate as much as you can.Your future self will love you for it.

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