410: Sales Techniques: Get prospects asking to work with you


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What's stopping you from getting more clients?I used to run my sales calls as if I was desperate for my prospects to buy from me. And, of course, I was struggling.No one will buy from you when you sound desperate. Would you buy a car if the salesperson told you: "please, we really need more buyers!!! We haven't sold this model lately. Can you help us out?.."You'd think, "Where's the door?! I need to get out of here!"The same goes for your sales calls. You don't say those exact words, but your tone and demeanor show those feelings.It's time for you to flip the script around.First, serve a few core clients to the best of your abilities, and once you have blown their expectations out of the water, ask them for testimonials.Then, on your next discovery call with a new prospect, start by establishing credibility and showing your social proof.Make it VERY clear with your prospects that you do not work with everyone. You only take on clients who you know will have amazing results. Then book a second call.After that, run all the numbers, do the research. If the prospect is a good fit, get on the second call, explain your gameplan, and give them a time-sensitive offer.And also... Remember to sound excited, not desperate!

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